Sunday, November 4, 2018

In the stillness, I find myself in sin.
I turn into someone I don't even know.
I give in to the darkness.
I let it flood my soul,
until all that's left is emptiness,
until my strength is gone and I have lost my way.

I drift away from God as the currents of destruction lead me to a turbulent storm that shakes me inside out.
The winds whisper I am nothing of value.
The waves slap me into an idea that maybe God doesn't love me anymore.

It's not worth the fight,
I should just give up.
But I see a figure walking towards the storm, coming at my direction.
My heart is trembling as I think to myself, "Is it a ghost?"
"Take courage it is I. Don't be afraid."
Peace overflowed my soul as the tempest and storms cease to exist.

I cry with tears of joy.
How could God pursue me?
He takes me by the hand.
And we walk on water.
My eyes fixed on Him and my heart trusting that His love is wide, deep, high enough to forgive me. God is mightier than the storm.

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Beautiful and stirring prose, Rachel! We all need the reminder that Christ is there to strengthen us in the storms of life! I'll be pinning!


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