Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dear person with a sensitive heart,

You might be experiencing a bad day today. Someone might have offended you and the words keep floating around your mind. Words like "too sensitive", "overreacting", "weak", keep repeating themselves. And you want to believe them. Your heart hurts and you can't stop it from bleeding. "Something must be wrong with me," you think to yourself.

But darling you are not the problem. They are. You have a soft heart that's full of love, too careful not to hurt anybody. It's hard to understand why people treat you like garbage. They step on your heart like it's a doormat as they stomp their dusty feet, and with confused eyes, wonder why you're hurting. Yes a lot will not understand. Even your own family will hurt you. Some people will enjoy watching you hurt. That's a fact. They think it's funny that they can make your eyes teary with a single insult.

I know you wish you could change yourself. You wish you had a stony heart instead. But Jesus wants you to have a heart of flesh. A heart that can love so immensely yet hurt deeply. That's a human heart. That's a heart that is alive.

It's hard living in this world. It really is. It's hard to have a soft heart in a cruel world. Remember the countless times you swallowed the lump in your throat just to keep from breaking down in front of people who know no better than to ridicule you? A soft heart doesn't fit in here. In a culture that promotes strength with the idea, that a strong person has a sharp tongue and one who is far from vulnerable; having a sensitive personality will surely be mocked. In this era we live in, sensitivity equals weakness. Sensitive people may have it harder but how beautiful it is that you remain who you are despite the cruelty of others. I hope you are aware of these facts and yet learn to accept yourself. Learn to see that there is beauty in who you are. There is extraordinary beauty in feeling everything so deeply. It is a gift. It is a strength. It is strength to remain soft in a cold, harsh world.

This is your journey. You can't force people to understand you. It doesn't matter. Feel your emotions. Accept them, learn from them.

Remember there are people out there who will see right through you. They'll know how to treat you well. They will understand without even trying. Trust me, in this cruel world, a vast amount of people with a good heart remains. Their hearts may not be necessarily as soft as yours, but respect and kindness will be found in your relationships with them. So don't be afraid to go out and discover these people. No matter how many times your heart is bruised, never give up. Jesus heals. Learn to live again.

It is the truth that we sensitive people suffer more. But friend, we also love more, we dream more, we live more. You are more than what people make you out to be. You are amazing. Never forget that.

With love and tenderness,
A Sensitive Soul

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