Monday, November 26, 2018

Cliche words but a timely reminder.

A few weeks ago I got to learn how to drive. And it was a disaster.

Before the day arrived, I watched three "how to drive" videos on YouTube, so I could have an idea. When the actual driving lesson started, my mind went completely blank, my hands turned cold and all the ideas I had packed in my mind, disappeared.

Anxiety overtook, the panic came, and we almost fell into a ditch. Let's say a few tears were shed out of nervousness. 😅 I told my brother I wanted to go home but he reassured and taught me again for another 30 minutes. I sort of got the hang of it, but the negativity was seeping through.

On the way home (my brother was driving this time), heaviness sat at the top of my shoulders and on my heart. I was disappointed. Will I ever learn? As the dark thoughts came rushing in, I was thankful we were nearing home.

Upon arriving, I told God how everything went and I spent the rest of the day reflecting upon my attitude. I easily gave up. I was more than ready to give up the second I made a mistake. 

That horrible experience I don't want to even think about brought an ugly attitude into the light- I didn't know how to persevere. There are patterns of behavior in my life when something was too hard for me, I usually resorted into wallowing in self-pity and swearing I'll never do it again. I'll push the bad memory into the farthest depths of my mind and pretend it never happened.

I love to learn. I love teaching myself about things. I'm in love with reading. But when practical and technical means are brought, I usually find it hard to grasp. I also don't learn well when I'm being taught by someone. Coupled with the certain disconnect my body has with my brain, learning how to drive was hard for me. 

I'd like to relate my driving experience to my real life. I am met with challenges that sometimes I'd rather hide from than face head-on. But the moment I quit and give up living is the sure moment I become a failure.

We are met with obstacles that throw us off the curve. Challenges that God meant for good; for character development. But what happens when we give up too soon? We miss out on an opportunity to learn and develop our self. However, when we persevere, we experience God's grace along the way. We learn, realize it's not too hard then we become grateful. We breathe a sigh of relief, "I'm glad I didn't give up."

 Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.

 Psalm 37:24

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God is always there to see us through if we will just be a little patient and hang in there. Thanks for that reminder. (Did you hear that Google Plus is shutting down next August? I haven't been there for a while though.)


Perseverance is an under rated virtue! Thanks for hanging in there!


Yes! I definitely know this feeling. You are so right. I have to learn perseverance. Great read!


Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and connect to the Holy Spirit to access His peace in the midst of a situation where we want to give up.


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