Monday, April 15, 2019

I heard about Marie Kondo's style of organizing and uncluttering years ago.  Implementing her system of folding was useful for my closet's benefit.  This year Marie Kondo became much more popular when she had her own show on Netflix.

However, there have been some speculations about her methods whether we as Christians should adhere to the steps she gives.
There is a Christian-friendly alternative to that. A book by Melody Carlson, Devotions for Clutterers, provides powerful insights about clutter, which are taken from a Biblical perspective.

When you are disputing with yourself whether or not to throw something out, she provides tips by asking yourself four questions։

1. Does anyone use this?
2. Do I enjoy having this in my life?
3. Does this have sentimental value?
4. I've got more than one of these, do I really need them all?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you should probably keep the item. Definitely so grateful for this book because it is like being taken on a journey filled with hope that I can fix the clutter in my home. I have started cleaning, simply by starting with my dresser. It's a small step but it did wonders for my spirit. 

Whenever I see clutter, I feel stressed. The chaos and disorganization fill my heart with frustration. The clutter inside my room would often discourage me but when I took steps to organize and clean, it filled my heart with peace. For so long, I have wondered why but the answer lies in the Bible, 
"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace." 1 Corinthians 14։33

A simple step taken to organize stuff can do so much for one's peace and happiness. Will you take a step today? What's your declutter story?

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I agree about the factors to ponder about when deciding which items to let go of.


Nice! Hopefully I can apply this in my room as well :)


I never knew that there is a so called "Declutter In A Christian Manner" and it was a good read indeed! This tells that whatever we do, do it to the glory of God.


OMG I am so guilty. I am so basurera love to collect anything na minsan hindi na nagagamit or sometimes natuwa ka lang bilhin and matatambak na. Will take note of this tips. Thank you.


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