Saturday, February 16, 2019

I know that God is powerful, great and so much more. That is what the Bible says after all and I believe it. 

But how often do I stop and meditate on His goodness? 
Why does hardship always seem to be bigger than the God I serve? 
Why do I forget God exists when I go out into the world?

It is because I am not worshiping God.

Last year, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention my lack of worship for God. I was convicted of how self-focused I am. I was always seeking to improve myself. I wanted to know what the Bible says about ME leaving God behind. I'd only listen to Christian songs I could relate to. Worship songs were boring. I focused so much on who I am and what God says about me I neglected knowing who He is. 

This world seems to promote self too much. Self-love, self-care, self-confidence concepts are everywhere. Self-help books are booming all around. I went in for the ride. It never satisfied my soul. It left me with a mind full of facts but an empty heart. I wanted God. I wanted Him so much more than anything else.

I found out that what can truly satisfy my soul is to worship God; praising Him for who He is and shifting the focus of my life on Him. For so long I have always looked to myself. But now, I want to lock my eyes upon my Savior. I want to know Jesus more. I want to love Him more. I want to build my life on Him.

It's like my heart keeps running towards Jesus. He makes me full yet always leaves me longing for more. I want to worship God. But I don't want to worship Him for once a week only. I don't want to think of Him just in my quiet time every morning. I want to be constantly aware of His presence. Constant connection is what I crave. My heart is set out on having worship as a lifestyle.

This is not a blog post where I share the answers or the secret hacks. Because honestly, I don't have the answers. This is me being open and honest about my struggle of focusing on Jesus. I can feel that my body and spirit are waging a war for my attention each day. I'd love to have my attention fix on the existence of Jesus at all times. Worship is a constant connection with my Creator. 

I hope if there is anything you can get from this post, it's that we need to worship God more than ever. I pray we take our eyes off ourselves, off our glory or sins and focus on Him. When we open our Bibles let's ask ourselves the question, What does this say about God? instead of trying to take verses and using it as an affirmation (not that this is wrong, but you get the idea). Let's give God the spotlight on His Word. I desire to know Him more until my heart overflows of His love, and I am in the deep ocean of His mercy. I yearn to be cradled in His arms until myself is lost and all that's left in my eyes is the reflection of the Almighty Savior.

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So ironic that we manage to make even worship ALL ABOUT US! Thanks for encouragement to turn our heart's affection and our mind's attention to the only One who is worthy of our ultimate devotion.


Yes! It's a struggle but only God deserves our ultimate devotion.


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